At Bucksmore Homelingua we want all our students to have a great time and rewarding experience. To make sure this happens, please read the rules and regulations regarding courses. If you have any questions, please contact us.

School Policies

Privacy Policy

Whether you are a student or parent; whether you work with us or for us, we are committed to keeping your data safe and respecting your privacy. Bucksmore  Homelingua is a part of the Oxford International Education Group. On this page you will find privacy notices that show what data we process about you, why we process that data and what the legal bases are for processing that data.

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Activities and excursions

In addition to the number of hours of (10, 15, 20, 25 or 30) tuition, your teacher will offer you 2 afternoon or evening activities/excursions during the week and 1 at the weekend if you are on a 2 or 3 week course.
If you make a request for a specific activity which means a special expense, a visit to an attraction with a high entrance fee your teacher will request you to pay their expenses as well as your own expenses.


Teacher confidentiality

Please do not pass on any contact or personal details about your teacher to other people.


Make the most of your English course!

  • Interact with your teacher and their family as much as possible and join in with any activities offered even if it is not something you would typically do at home.
  • It is in your interest to do any homework or coursework that your teacher gives you.
  • Be on time for your lessons. If you are not on time for your lesson, you will lose that lesson time and the teacher may not be able to make it up.


Arrival and departure

Bucksmore Homelingua weeks run from Sunday-Saturday* and courses can begin on any Sunday throughout the year.  Students should try to arrive at their teacher’s home between 08:00 – 22:00 on a Sunday. Other arrival / departure dates maybe available outside of the Summer season.

Teachers will meet students at the local train or bus station.  Direct taxi car transfers can be arranged for an additional fee. We can arrange transfers from any location, please contact us for more information. Transfer fees are advertised on teacher profiles. Please note that a 30GBP / 30EUR supplement applies for students travelling with unaccompanied minor services.

*with the exception of Bucksmore Summer Focus where weeks run Tuesday-Tuesday.


Some simple rules

  • Behave and speak in a courteous and respectful way to your teacher and their family.
  • Respect the teacher’s property and belongings and do not to take anything without the teacher’s permission.
  • You may only use the home telephone with the permission of your teacher.
  • Your teacher may restrict internet access to 2 hours per day (For under 18s only).
  • Do not eat in the student bedroom.
  • Do not be late for lessons, the time will not be made up unless there are mitigating circumstances.
  • Please note that students may be removed from their course if their behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable.


Keep safe

Please keep your student ID card with you at all times.  You can find this in your arrival pack when you get to your tutor’s home.

Students aged 9 and under:

  • Are not allowed out of the home alone and are completely supervised by the teacher and host family
  • If the parent is accompanying the child on a course, the parent is responsible for the child outside of lesson hours

Students aged 10 – 15:

  • Are required to be accompanied at all times, but may have supervised independent time in the teacher’s home
  • May not use public transport by themselves

Students aged 16-17:

  • May have controlled independent time (normally 1-2 hours max) only in the local area if they have a full orientation beforehand and must observe a 17.30 curfew
  • May use public transport by themselves if agreed by the parent/guardian and if Homelingua is satisfied that the student is competent to do so
  • May only be left alone in the teacher’s home if at all, for very short periods of time (to collect children from school for example) and only if the teacher is satisfied that the student is comfortable with being left home alone
  • If the teacher is concerned about your safety then they may refuse permission for free time outside the home.


Feedback & Complaints

  • If you would like to make a complaint or if you have any suggestions for the improvement of your course, please contact Bucksmore Homelingua on +44 208 312 8075 or send us an email.
  • We will ask you to complete an online feedback form at the end of your stay to help us improve our services for the future. However, if you are dissatisfied about any aspect of your course you must tell us when you are here.  We can only make things better if we know there is a problem.


Feedback and progress report

  • Your teacher will give you regular feedback throughout the course. If there is anything you do not understand, please ask your teacher.
  • After your course has finished, you will be sent a progress report from your teacher reviewing your performance and giving you advice on how to improve your level of English.
  • You will receive a certificate of attendance from Bucksmore Homelingua.


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