William M


William M

My name is William, and you can call me Will. I like sharing my language and helping other people to understand it and how to use it, and use it better. My home has televisions, computers and WiFi. There are several radios because this is also a good way to understand English. There are hundreds of books about English, language and linguistics. We will find one or two for you.

Horse riding available Teacher pick-up from airport Wifi available at home
Horse riding Teacher transfer WiFi available

Location information

Location: Romford, Essex | View a map of this location

Nearest airport with transfer cost: Stansted (STN) £140

London airport(s) with transfers cost: 

Gatwick (LGW) £190

Heathrow (LHR) £190

Nearest railway station: Romford

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Academic information

My first lesson teaching English was in 1990. I have visited and worked in many countries. I understand and appreciate the differences between cultures and languages and I have a PGCE to teach languages in state schools and I have taught at primary and secondary schools, and in colleges and at universities. I am very interested in linguistics.

Courses taught

 Family information

I have 5 brothers and sisters, one lives near me and my mother lives in the centre of Romford. We all like to cook and our favourite food is spaghetti Bolognese and barbecues in the garden. I like gardening and growing food, and cooking. My favourite food is fruit…and cheese, and Chinese, and Indian…
I have several bicycles and I like to ride in the local parks and forests and collect mushrooms. We have a food market in Romford and I like to buy fruit and vegetables there.

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About the teacher’s accommodation

There are 3 bedrooms and one single bedroom in the attic. One room, double bed or twin beds, has a sink and the bathroom is shared. It is in a quiet residential area close to the countryside and country walks or cycle rides.

About the local area

We have many parks nearby with animals and walks, there are several lakes and many birds. At the end of my road is a river and a field with horses. 3 sports centres, 2 bowling alleys and 2 golf courses are accessible by local bus.
Romford is a shopping town. We have a food market and I like to buy fruit and vegetables there. There are 3 shopping centres, 2 cinemas, many pubs and restaurants.

Excursions you can take with your teacher

London guided tourism, shopping and museums… – Main tourist sights and possible restaurant or cafe. Sunday or Friday.

Cost: Oyster card provided. Approx £8.

Cycle ride to local nature reserve – Deer, birds, wildlife, trees and flora. Half day midweek, 2-3 hrs.

Cost: Free

Cycle ride or walk to local nature reserve 2 – Bridle paths and a petting zoo. Midweek 2-3 hrs.

Cost: Free

Bowling – Bowling

Cost: £6

Horse riding – Supervised or unsupervised available.

Cost: £22 / hour + £1 hat hire

Romford walk – Walk to Romford through parks and side streets, also to visit family. Cafe on Friday. Family visit on Wednesday.

Cost: Free