Teacher introduction

Hello and welcome to my profile. I have lived in many countries to date and hosted and helped a large number of students of all ages. My wife and I are very helpful. My family are based in Dublin, just 5 min from the airport (Swords)! An express bus takes you to city centre in 15 min from here. The property has two floors and all modern amenities. The bedroom has a bunk bed (convertible sofa (futon) and a memory foam mattress). We also have a study area, a large balcony, parks around the house and also shops. Our car is handy to drive you fantastic places in the unique county of Dublin.
Teacher home details
The bunk bed can be used a a sofa with a single bed on top, or also a double bed at the bottom. It can also accommodate two persons if necessary. The bathroom is adjacent and generally privately used as we have two other bathrooms in this property consisting of two floors. Within 10 min walk, there is Tesco supermarket, Costa coffee, Starbucks, 24/7 gym, Subway, McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, large shops selling everything, a huge shopping centre (Pavilions), and community centres.
Teacher qualifications
I earned a doctorate in science six years ago from the 427 years old ‘Trinity College Dublin’. Prior to that I accomplished many degrees in Europe too such as Maitrise/BSc and MSc/Eng. I supervise and lecture university students, and also work on science, technology and engineering. Furthermore, I actively write papers and reviews.

Teacher about the local area

Swords is close to the airport, so no need to spend hours in transport to reach us, or to visit Dublin! We are surrounded by parks, beaches, castles, and activity centres. There are sports facilities. Dublin city centre is also 15-20 min by the Express bus, and we often drive there. Close by is also Malahide, Howth, Portmarnock, which all have excellent restaurants, beaches, castles, parks, and nature scenery.
Teacher family
My wife Christina is 29 years old and works in the sales and food and health products. We have two boys (6 and 2) who are friendly and polite. Christina’s parents have a big house and live nearby. Our friends also live close by and like different activities and can further share fantastic things as well.
Teacher how to get here by public
Description of how to get here by public transport, including nearest rail and bus stations
From the airport, we can either collect you, or it is 10€ by taxi. There is also a bus (8 min + 13 min walk). To city centre, there is an Express bus. Trains generally serve towns and cities but not the airport. We can arrange whatever suits you best of course.
Teacher hobbies and interests
Apart from preparing and delivering high quality home tuition, you will enjoy going to several places, try food varieties, go for walks, shopping, visit activity centres, beaches, towns and go sightseeing. We are able to provide a bicycle, telescope, computers, home cinema, great food, loads of fruits, books, activities, and play tennis for example. Our friends and neighbors are of all age groups. They will be certainly happy to spend a great time with you too if you would like to make other friends of your age and perhaps interests.