Susan Bi

Susan Bi

Susan Bi

Teacher introduction

I became a home stay teacher after a long career working as a teacher of English and drama. It is a great way to learn as you get all the attention of your teacher and the lessons are planned around your specific needs and goals. I have learnt a great deal about others and made new friends. I lived in Spain for many years and I speak Spanish.

No smoking Private bathroom available
No smoking Private bathroom

Location information

Location: Guildford

London airport(s) with transfers cost: 

Heathrow (LHR) £140

Gatwick (LGW) £170

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Academic information

I have a B.Ed (primary and middle school). I have a MA in Education. I prepare students for examinations set by LAMDA which encourage and develop communication skills.

Courses taught

Family information

I live with my partner, Luise. He is Spanish and teaches Spanish. He is very sporty and he is also a tennis coach. He loves outdoor activities such as canoeing, climbing and cycling. We have four children. Our youngest son (2000) loves football. Our daughter (1998) likes dancing and swimming. They both attend local schools. Our other sons (1995 and 1994) are at university studying drama and theatre

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Teacher’s hobbies and interests

I swim regularly and I like sport generally as we are a sporty family. I am very interested in drama and the performing arts. I enjoy cooking and reading.

About the teacher’s accommodation

I live in the city of Guildford in south east England, just 40 minutes from London on the train. My home is a four bedroom semi detached house with a garden, located on a residential road.

About the local area

Guildford is a busy, thriving university city. It is interesting architecturally and historically. The castle dates from the 12th century and there are cobbled shopping streets. The shopping is very good and there is a wide range of nice eating places. The sporting facilities are extensive and there are theatres and cinemas.
A number of picturesque towns and villages in the area are worth exploring, such as Richmond and Cobham. The countryside is very attractive and we can go for walks or take bicycles.
We could visit Windsor and its famous castle which is the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world whilst the city of Winchester is not far. It has associations with King Arthur and the Knights of Camelot whilst the cathedral is one of the largest in Europe and has a history dating back over 1,500 years.
Guildford is not far from London so an excursion to see the sights and attractions is an option for a day out.

Excursions available with this teacher

1 -Guildford: Castle, museum, cathedral.

Cost: Free

2 -Barge trip

Cost: please enquire

3– Trip to Winchester

Cost: transport

4 – Trip to Wisley

Cost: transport

5 – Trip to London or Brighton

Cost: transport