Welcome! I offer you a pleasant room in a nice area. You will enjoy learning with an experienced and friendly teacher. I live in Dublin which has many attractions at short distance. I can teach you different effective ways to learn English in a short time. My place is near the airport, shopping malls, a swimming pool and local communities that offer several activities. I have a very international group of friends and we all communicate in English so you will be exposed to different accents. I have a son and a daughter. My son lives with me and he speaks English, Japanese and French. My daughter has her own apartment and she speaks English and French. They are both in college. I like films and driving to the beach.

No smoking No pets at home Private bathroom available
No smoking No pets Private bathroom

Location information

Location: Ballymun, Dublin

Nearest airport with transfer cost: Dublin (DUB) €120

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Academic information

I have about 20 years of teaching experience. I will let you know what the common mistakes for non-native speakers are. I have taught all levels and all ages in schools, college and private tuition. I hold a Masters in TEFL.

Courses taught

Family information

I have a son and a daughter. They are both in their 20’s. They are in college. My son lives with me and my daughter just moved to her own apartment. They work in Imaginosity (an attraction centre for children). My son is doing a college course in Culture and Translation studies. He loves videogames and everything about Japan. My daughter’s course is in History of Arts and Architecture and French. She likes visiting art galleries and museums. I have friends who like hosting activities for tourists and international students. They are friendly and welcoming.


Teacher’s hobbies and interests

I love movies. We can go to the cinema or watch films at home. We can also go for walks and go for picnics by the beach or the green areas in Ireland. I also like bowling. I have access to Trinity College Dublin and can take you to the famous Book of Kells. I like driving around Ireland too.

About the teacher’s accommodation

I live in a flat in a family building. There is a lift to get you to our 2nd floor. I have an ample room for you with a bathroom you can use on your own. We have a separate family bathroom. The bathroom has a shower and a bath (tub). At walking distance you will get to DCU (one famous college in Ireland), parks, a public library, a shopping mall. The bus stop to the city centre is just 5 minutes away.


About the local area

I live in the North of Dublin. There are nice places in my neighbourhood: a swimming pool, a cinema, a shopping mall, a discovery centre, a public library. There is a close bus stop where you can get a bus to take you to the city centre. There is a park close by where you can see people doing sport. The community centre usually holds events like plays, musicals and other entertainments. Dublin is very famous for its attractions: the Temple bar, churches, parks, museums, and visitors centres. In August all Ireland holds the Heritage Week and many attractions are for free or at reduced price.

Excursions available with this teacher

Dublin walking tour (morning or afternoon trip) – We will be guided around Dublin’s city centre and we will learn about Dublin’s history and entertainment. We will walk along Liffey River and visit the famous Temple Bar where we will see street performers.

Cost: Free

A day out and picnic by the beach – Located at driving distance we will get to the seaside with many playgrounds/green areas and local shops. We will bring my picnic blanket and have some food while playing boardgames on the beach. Bathing area is available if you are a good swimmer.

Cost: Free

Visit to Howth’s Sunday market – Howth is at driving distance from my place. Every Sunday they have a market with food from different countries and delicious ice cream. You can try the traditional fish and chips for lunch as we sit and watch the boats entering and leaving the harbour.

Cost: Free

A visit to Trinity College and The Book of Kells – Trinity College is one of the oldest universities in Ireland. The Book of Kells and the Dining Hall will make you feel like Harry Potter and his friends in Hogwarts

Cost: Free

Hurling or Rugby game – Hurling and Rugby are the two most popular games in Ireland. You will feel the adrenaline and passion of these two sports from a stadium bench.

Cost: may have a cost depending on season and games