Teacher introduction

I am very pleased to welcome you to London and to a wonderful new experience. Hospitality is something I love very much that is why I have decided to open my house and heart to everybody anywhere looking for a rich experience of learning whilst having fun and exploring new environments. This means if you do visit us you will be coming to Sittingbourne – a lovely Kent town right in the heart of the southeastern part of England. It is also an industrial town situated in the Swale district of Kent.;45 minutes from London which means you can have the best of both worlds.Reading is my passion as it helps unlock my creativity. I like visiting new places of interest and hosting picnics and parties.One of my favourite pastimes is cooking; where I like to explore the use of different ingredients and spices. I enjoy baking cakes and biscuits too. So watch out -you will be pleasantly thrilled and entertained.
Teacher home details
My home has three bedrooms and I can provide a single room for my student with a wardrobe and television. The bathroom is modern and lovely and shared by all in the house.It is cleaned regularly throughout the day so its always clean.
Teacher qualifications text
I have been teaching for well over twenty years and I have decided to bring this experience to help others. I have a bachelors degree in English and also hold a post graduate certificate in Education from the prestigious Institute of Education (University of London). My period of teaching overseas has also enriched my background

Teacher about the local area

My local area of Sittingbourne in the district of Swale is closely flanked by other interesting English towns like Rochester,Chatham,Canterbury,Ramsgate Margate and Dover most of whom are seaside towns and can offer a lot of visiting attraction. Close to where I live is a bustling town centre; the forum Shopping centre with a range of high street shops where we can pick up all our essentials. There are also lots of attractions in and around our town – the Bayford Meadows Kart circuit: Central Park Stadium:Cromers Wood Nature Reserve and the Sittingbourne Heritage Museum. We may also wish to explore the many heritage and cultural attractions across Swale such as the Fleur de Lis Heritage.
Teacher family
My home in Sittingbourne is bright and summery and I live with my adventurous eighteen year old daughter who loves the great outdoors; she is off to university next year. My husband lives in Conn. USA with my son; we regularly share holidays and important family occasions together. Not too long ago I became a grandma as my oldest daughter who is married had a baby girl. We are a warm, friendly, close knit family and have strong family values.I also luckily have a good circle of friends who attend the same church as I do; we often do things together like going to the seaside for picnics in the summer. They are very supportive and you might meet them if you decide to live with us and together we can explore Sittingbourne which is filled with lovely people and places.

Teacher how to get here by public

The nearest airport is Gatwick – from there the Gatwick express will take you to Victoria. At Victoria Station take a train (South Eastern) to Sittingbourne. I will meet/welcome students at the station in Sittingbourne. I am also open to meeting my student at the airport if its arranged properly.
Teacher hobbies and interests
Apart from the high quality lessons I will be providing for you I hope that my love of gardening and interior decoration will also be of interest to you as we redecorate our home and backyard garden for the summer or as we grow our own vegetables to be used in cooking.Perhaps you could teach me how to cook food from your own culture to add to my cookbook. I love watching films and visiting the theatre;together we can relive this interest again.