Teacher introduction

My name is Emma Easton and I have taught English to 11-18 year olds for 25 years. I am a very kind and patient teacher. I will encourage and support my students to make progress by using games and activities. My friendly family look forward to hosting a student.
Teacher home details
Our home has four bedrooms, one lounge, a dining room ( classroom by day ) two bathrooms and a kitchen. The student will have a shower room and toilet next to their bedroom which will be private for them. We have a very large garden with trampoline and football goals. We live 2 minutes from the bus stop to the city centre and there is a large supermarket 10 minutes from our house.
Teacher qualifications text
After my university degree I taught English as a foreign language to adults in Paris for two years and have a Trinity TESOL certificate. I have taught teenagers in secondary school for 25 years. Many of my students come from other countries and speak English as a second language.
Teacher about the local area

Craiglockhart is a very beautiful suburb of Edinburgh and we live 2 minutes walk from the bus stop to Edinburgh city centre. You can get to the city centre in 20 minutes by bus. From our house we can walk to tennis and badminton courts. In 15 minutes we can drive to a swimming pool. Edinburgh is a historic capital city so it has a lot of tourist attractions to see such as the castle, Holyrood Palace and the Museum. These are 20 -30 minutes by bus.
Teacher family
I am a mum to fourteen year old boy/girl twins and a 9 year old girl. My husband is also in his 40s and is a teacher. We are a fun, welcoming and friendly family. We have two sets of Grandparents in their 70s and aunts and uncles in their 40s and 50s in Edinburgh. My 14 year old boy likes football, guitar and Art. My 14 year old girl likes football and fashion. My 9 year old likes contemporary dance, football and music.
Teacher how to get here by public

We are happy to collect a student from the airport by car. However, the number 400 Skylink bus comes from the airport to 2 minutes from our house in 40 minutes. The student would get off the bus at Elliot Place and we would meet them at the bus stop.
Teacher hobbies and interests
I like keeping fit by jogging and doing outdoor fitness. I like walking, cycling and swimming. We would be happy to take a visiting student to do sports with us. Edinburgh has many beautiful parks, hills and forests close by. We also like the cinema and shopping. We are a family who like to do most hobbies so we would be happy to do any activities that our visitor enjoys.