Clara A

Clara A

Clara A

Teacher introduction

Hi, my name is Clara and I live in Amersham, in the beautiful county of Buckinghamshire, home to Roald Dahl, the famous Windsor Castle and Legoland.

I am passionate about other cultures and languages and look forward to welcoming you so we can get to know each other. We live in a beautiful, clean house that you will enjoy staying in. You will have your own single room, a wardrobe, desk and bedside table. If you love reading, there will be lots of books to choose from. If you love your food, then you will be coming to the right place, as all our meals are home-cooked, healthy and served in big portions. If you’re a fussy eater, don’t worry, I live with one!

We will make your stay so welcoming and comfortable that you won’t miss home.

No smoking No pets at home Children at home
No smoking No pets Children at home

Location information

Location: Buckinghamshire

Nominated airport(s) for transfers:  Heathrow (LHR) £120 each


Academic information

I am passionate about teaching. I have a Diploma in Education and have experience of teaching English to non-English speakers. I currently teach Italian to a group of adults. I still help my daughters with their English homework, which I enjoy very much.

Courses taught

Family information

I live with my husband and two daughters aged 12 and 15. My girls play piano and one of them also plays the cello and recorder. They love shopping, baking, sewing, art and craft, reading, gymnastics, watching movies and eating! They also like going on their phone…ssshhh…when they’ve finished their homework!

We have very nice neighbours as well.

We have family friends close by, whom you will get the chance to meet. Sometimes, they either come to us or we go to their homes to socialise.

Teacher’s photos

Teacher’s hobbies and interests

We are a fun-loving family and love spending time together. We play board games, watch TV together, go to the cinema and most importantly, go shopping! We also love to go sightseeing or just driving through the area and looking at big houses! We would love it if you would join us in all these activities.

My husband teaches Science and has been to the Science and Natural History museums in London so many times I can’t promise he won’t take you there!

About the teacher’s accommodation

We live in a three-bedroom house with a living area, garden, a conservatory, a family bathroom, a downstairs toilet and a shed at the bottom of the garden. The bedrooms are upstairs. Our living area is downstairs, huge and has a fireplace. Part of it is the dining area, where lessons will take place. If it’s warm, then lessons will take place in the conservatory which overlooks the garden. We also have a garage and front/back parking. We currently have two family cars. Our kitchen, bathroom and downstairs toilet are new. We do not have any pets.

You will have your own bedroom but share the family bathroom with us.

About the local area

Buckinghamshire boasts of a leafy, green area with direct transport links to London. It is home to some of the best Grammar and Private schools in England and the people are nice.

We are surrounded by two indoor and one outdoor swimming pools with playgrounds, all within walking distance, so if you like swimming, this is the place for you! If you like shopping, we are again in the middle of two high streets – Chesham and Amersham and very big shopping malls in High Wycombe, Hemel Hempstead and Watford. We can even take you to the shopping mall in Milton Keynes, which is amazing. There is also the opportunity to do horse-riding, if you love horses.

Excursions available with this teacher

1 – Roald Dahl Museum.

After lunch, a visit to the famous Roald Dahl museum

Cost: Free

2 – Tour of Oxford and Cambridge

Tour of Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Cost: Free

3– Science Museum

Tour of the Science museum in London

Cost of entry – free. Only cost of day ticket.

4 – Trip to Bournemouth

A visit to a this beautiful seaside including the Bournemouth Pier.

Cost: Free, as will be driving

5 – Cinema

To watch a movie of the student’s choice one afternoon

Cost: Their cinema ticket. Host will buy popcorn