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Punting on the river in Cambridge and Oxford

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Punts are an iconic symbol of two of the UK’s most famous University cities of Oxford and Cambridge and a great activity to enjoy during your learn English Homestay.

A punt is a flat bottomed boat with a square-cut bow. The punt is usually propelled using a long pole which is pushed down against the river bed. For this reason, punting is only really possible in shallow rivers. Punting became popular on the rivers in Cambridge and Oxford from the early 1900’s. Punting became a popular summer pastime for students.

Nowadays punting is popular for the many overseas tourist visitors to Oxford and Cambridge. It is great fun to punt for yourself, but it is a lot harder than it looks! If you don’t want to risk getting wet, you can pay to be taken on a punting excursions by a more experienced person. Punting tourists up and down the river is a popular part time job for students, and this is a great opportunity to ‘ask a local’ person about university life. The river that runs through Oxford is the Thames and the river that runs through Cambridge is called the Cam.

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