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Free online IELTS preparation course

Are you thinking about studying at university abroad in 2017? You will probably need to take an IELTS exam and most universities require a score of around 5.0-7.0 depending on whether it’s an undergraduate or master’s degree. Good news for students there is a free IELTS preparation course available to help prepare you for the exam. To stay up-to-date with the latest study news and tips, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

Free IELTS Exam Preparation course Bucksmore Homelingua

Cambridge English Language Assessment who produce the exam have launched a free online IELTS preparation course. On the online course you will be able to connect with experts and other students from around the world. Students can also try mock IELTS practice exams and find out more information on how they are marked and what skills are being tested. By the end of the course, you should have a better understanding on how the IELTS exam papers are marked and know about all the tips, tricks and techniques for getting the best scores in each paper. To view more information about the free IELTS course, visit futurelearn.com/courses/cambridge-english-ielts

The online course is a good foundation to get your started with IELTS preparation. Of course you should also do further study by purchasing exam preparation course books and practice test to do at home. We will talk about good websites to visit to prepare for the exam in a future post.

If you need help preparing for the exam, Bucksmore Homelingua have personalised intensive 1:1 IELTS preparation courses with expert exam specialist teachers. The course is personalised to you and the areas of the exam you need to improve on. For more information visit our IELTS course for Adults or IELTS course for Juniors pages.


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