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Challenging English Apps


A new free app for both Android and iOS has been created by Cambridge English for English learners that now can challenge other students around the world in a quiz game. Its main aim is to encourage healthy competition among English language learners. Quiz your English has been developed by those who produce the IELTS test and it concerns general English topics, vocabulary and grammar. The most interesting thing is that not only are players motivated by gaming more than once, but they can also get feedback of their performance.

Another very useful app is Duolingo, which offers courses in 11 different languages also for non-English native speakers. This app allows you to test your knowledge of a language. It is very simple to use: after you set-up a profile, choose your target language and set your goals. If you are not a beginner, you can take an entry test that places you in the right level. Remember that you need to complete each lesson before proceeding to the next one. At the end of each lesson, you get a progress report and are updated on your improvements. Duolingo also boosts your motivation using different methods: one of them is the goal-setting tool that you can choose according to how quickly you want to progress; a second way is the bonus skills.

A third very well-known app is Babbel. Although it is not free, lots of people find it very helpful because it provides a huge amount of vocabulary to learners. This app offers 13 different languages, such as German, French, Italian and Russian.

Try using them and let us know what you think!!

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